Call for Papers

Authors​ addressing​ advancement​ and​ innovation​ in​ topics​ of​ interest​ to​AMTA​ are​ invited​ to​ submit​ a 250-350​ word​ abstract​ for​ review​ as​ a possible​ candidate​ for​ presentation​ at​ the​ Symposium.  Authors of all accepted papers will have the option to post their paper to IEEE Xplore in addition to inclusion in the AMTA 2019 proceedings and paper archive.

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250-350​ word​ email​ abstract:​ EXTENDED May 3, 2019 CLOSED
E-mail​ notification​ of​ acceptance:​ May​ 31,​ 2019
MS​ Word​ or​ searchable​ PDF​ manuscripts:​ July​ 19,​ 2019

We​ understand​ that​ some​ authors​ may​ be​ required​ to​ submit​ their​ abstracts,​ papers,​ and​ presentations for​ public​ release​ approval.​ Please​ start​ this​ process​ early​ so​ that​ you​ can​ meet​ the​ above​ deadlines.


  • 5G wireless technology
  • Antennas and radar in automotive applications
  • IoT and M2M applications
  • Massive MIMO advances
  • Medical advances
  • Hardware in the Loop
  • Mm-wave, terahertz and quasi-optical antenna measurement
  • Theory​ and​ applications​ of​ the​ measurement​ of​ antennas​ and​ radar​ scattering
  • Advances​ in​ indoor​ and​ outdoor​ test​ ranges
  • Measurement​ standards​ and​ laboratory​ comparisons
  • Advances​ in​ near-field,​ far-field,​ compact​ and​ RCS​ range​ measurement​ techniques
  • New​ instrumentation​ for​ testing
  • Data​ acquisition​ and​ processing​ methods
  • Measurement​ imaging,​ algorithms,​ and​ processing​ techniques
  • Diagnostic​ methods​ for​ antenna​ acceptance​ testing
  • Phased​ array,​ adaptive/smart​ antenna​ applications​ and​ measurements
  • EMI/EMC/PIM​ chamber​ design,​ measurement,​ and​ instrumentation
  • GNSS,​ PCS,​ cellular,​ satellite antennas​ and​ measurement
  • RF​ material​ design,​ measurement​, and​ instrumentation
  • Ultra-wideband​ or​ frequency​ independent​ antenna​ measurement
  • Applied​ computational​ electromagnetics
  • Numerical​ methods​ related​ to​ EM​ measurements
  • RFID​ characterization
  • Radome​ characterization
  • Wearable​ antenna​ designs​ with​ measurements
  • Multi-link​ MIMO​ and​ cooperative​ channels
  • In-situ​ testing​ and​ channel​ sounding
  • Other​ antenna​ measurement​ topics

Abstract Submittal Instructions

AMTA 2019 abstract submissions are managed via CATALYST system by Omnipress.

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  2. Enter your email address and password, then click “Sign In”.
  3. Once logged in, a turquoise box will pop up at the top of your screen indicating you have created a submission. You will be in edit mode of that submission.
  4. Complete all the required (*) fields on all the tabs.
  5. Click “Save,” on the bottom right of your screen as necessary. *If required fields are missing data, you will see the missing data tabs indicated with a red triangle.
  6. Click “Submit” on the bottom right of your screen when you are ready to submit your abstract.

If you do NOT have an account in CATALYST, follow these instructions below.

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  7. Proceed from Step 3 above.

Manuscript Preparation Instructions

Please refer to the following instructions and templates to guide you through the process of preparing your paper, poster, and presentation and submitting your paper and release forms:

Instructions for Submittal

  1. Go to the CATALYST collection system at
  2. Log into your account using your email address.
  3. Once signed in, your CATALYST Dashboard will show a list of submissions that need to be completed.
  4. For each submission, click the submission title and complete the information. When you have completed your submission and checked that the information is accurate, click “Submit” to complete the submission.

Items available for download

If you have any questions, please contact:
AMTA Technical Coordinator,  Jeffrey Bean


AMTA​ 2019​ will​ award​ at​ least​ three​ (3)​ Best​ Student​ Paper​ Awards.​ Each​ student​ award​ recipient​ will receive​ a $500​ USD​ cash​ award,​ a complimentary​ registration​ at​ AMTA​ 2020,​ and​ a one​ (1)​ year​ AMTA membership,​ active​ through​ December​ 31,​ 2020.

Award​ recipients​ are​ required​ to​ present​ their​ papers​ at​ the​ AMTA​ 2019​ Symposium.​ Student​ paper guidelines​ will​ be​ sent​ upon​ acceptance​ of​ the​ abstract.​ Authors​ are​ asked​ to​ mark​ their​ abstract​ as “Student​ Paper”​ when​ submitting.

If you have any questions, please contact:
The AMTA Technical Coordinator, Jeffrey Bean